How To Find Your Squad (When You Work Remote)

As a former freelancer turned studio owner, I often get asked about my WFH life. How do I find my team? My clients? Doesn’t it get lonely?

My team and clients are 100% my favorite thing about JaneMade. And no, despite being scattered across the U.S. and Canada, it never gets lonely.


Finding Your People

When I first started out freelancing, my network mainly consisted of previous co-workers in Boston. Coming from Rue La La and Follain, there was no shortage of design and copy talent to work with. But beyond that, I found friends and community in freelance Facebook groups. My advice to you? Join Creative Lady Collective, Freelancing Females, and Dreamers + Doers. Read the posts, respond when you have answers, post your work.

Also, never underestimate the power of Instagram. If you follow design and branding accounts that inspire you, tell them. At JaneMade, we’re firm believers in community over competition. There’s plenty of work to go around and plenty of opportunities to collaborate.

Finding Your Clients

Again, social media is an essential tool for freelancers and small businesses. Begin by following brands that excite you and products that you actually use. Post your work regularly and let your followers know that you’re available for projects.

Once you get your first couple of clients, try a video call if you can’t meet in person. Your clients are your biggest champions. (And, if you treat them that way, you may even get a few referrals.)

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