4 Items That Best Spark Creativity // featuring plants + ponytails

One of our go-to shops on Boston’s South Shore is plants + ponytails—a little haven of mind-shifting and mood-lifting items for everyday life. As creators, we’re in constant need of inspiration, so we asked our friend and shop owner Maryann to curate a collection of items that best spark creativity. 

1. Daydreamer Candle 

As the sun rises, set the tone with just the flicker of a flame. This candle, with effervescent top notes of bergamot and deep undertones of black rose and resinous steam distilled benzoin, will help form a space that allows your mind to flow free.

2. Spirit Lifter Herbal Elixir

Battling blocked energies? This organic elixir will clear your mind’s cobwebs with a handmade blend of inspiration-inducing dandelion flowers, calming lemon balm, and the comfort of sweet wildflower honey. 

3. Desert Dreaming Plant Pack

A little solar energy goes a long way when it comes to powering through a project. Place this thumbnail cactus next to your desk and count on its accompanying botanical car freshener to keep your brain swirling with ideas while you’re out and about. 

4. Tie Dye Starburst Canvas Planter

Sometimes a touch of tie dye is all you need to help fill your mind with far out concepts. Symbolizing individuality and the freedom of expression, this canvas planter will instantly transform your work area into a brighter, more experimental place. 

Visit Plants + Ponytails here and here and enjoy 10% off through 3/31/21 with code JANEMADE at checkout.
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