Behind the Brand: GlitterGuide

We’ve been a fan of Glitter Guide for ages, so when founder Taylor Sterling asked us to assist with a rebrand, we responded with a resounding yes. Eight years in the business had Taylor feeling disconnected from her brand and determined to make a major change; instead of chasing trends, it was time to slow down and stick to what she loved. So together we returned Glitter Guide to the place it was always meant to be—a modern, inclusive space bursting with creative energy.

The inspiration

Aesthetic: If Sophia Coppola and Wes Anderson had a baby 

Color palette: Muted pastels, anchored with neutrals 

Font: Clean, quirky, and minimalist 


First came the moodboard: a can’t-be-missed piece of our process


Then came the icons and illustrations: hand drawn, abstract, and not too trendy


And finally the badge: designed to be bold and instantly identifiable


The all-new Glitter Guide is just getting started. To see what’s next, visit or follow along on Instagram @glitterguide.

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