FemaleMade: Q+A with Erica Feldmann, Founder of HausWitch

Founder, author (we designed her book!), feminist—is there anything Erica Feldmann can’t do? The short answer is no. We stole a few minutes of this visionary’s time to ask how she came to be Head Witch in Charge of the modern metaphysical lifestyle brand and shop, HausWitch. 

What inspired you to start your business?  

The stone cold truth is that I just got to a point where I knew I would end up quitting any job I took working for someone else. I had been managing small businesses for years, and it was time to put my money where my mouth was in terms of running my own. I would get so frustrated with my bosses for not liking my ideas or taking my business advice, and I realized it was time to prove myself as an entrepreneur (a word I still can’t even spell lol).

As an entrepreneur, what do you love most about being able to run things on your terms?  

It’s helped me build my confidence, because I don’t doubt myself as much. When you work for other people and you don’t share the same vision for the company, it can cause so much self-doubt and insecurity. Once I was able to run the show 100% myself, I realized I have really good instincts and intuition for business.

What makes Salem, MA the ultimate location for your store

I think brick-and-mortar business is especially risky nowadays, and location is even more important than ever before. Salem is perfect because I can count on nearly year-round foot traffic AND a three-month high tourist season. My business is really pretty niche, but Salem’s reputation as “Witch City” caters to it perfectly.   

What’s the most common misconception about witchcraft

That it’s about darkness and/or harming people—or that you can “do it wrong” somehow.

If you could give one piece of advice to female founders in the making, what would it be?

Question everything you’ve been taught about what a business has to be or look like, and follow your own compass. Your intuition is the most powerful tool you have. Oh, and don’t try to do everything perfectly at the beginning! Start somewhere and improve as you go. Sorry, that’s two pieces of advice, but I’m a Gemini and that’s just how it goes. ::Wink::


To experience the magic of HausWitch yourself, visit in-person at 144 Washington St, Salem, MA, online at HausWitchStore.com, or on Instagram @HausWitch

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