Instagram's Algorithm, Explained

I picture Instagram’s algorithm personified as the Wizard of Oz. It’s this little man who sits behind a towering mask, pretending to be intimidating. When in reality, Instagram’s algorithm isn’t that difficult to use to your advantages. 

Instagram shows content based on the user's likes + engagement 

For brands, this isn’t so bad. If your followers are wanderlust travelers, they’re probably already engaging with hotels, cities, luggage companies, etc. By using hashtags and posting relevant content, you’ll be right up there in their feed.

It rewards quick responses with increased visibility 

Let’s say you get a comment and respond within the hour—Instagram will then give you a gold star. Suddenly, your post is moving towards the top of your follower’s feed. Similarly, if you spend some time engaging with relevant content right after you post, your photo or video will most likely get more impressions.

And Instagram is not easily fooled 

If you consider a heart emoji engagement, think again. Instagram doesn’t count a comment as worthy engagement unless it’s three words or longer.

The algorithm doesn't like when you make mistakes 

Instagram confirmed that any edits you make to the caption after it’s been posted are perceived negatively. Meaning? Decreased post visibility.

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