Jane Loves July

Every month we find ourselves obsessing over new things, so we figured, “Why not share them?” Here’s a look at our current musts…


No. 1: The Endless Summer  

Why: This classic 1966 documentary follows two California surfers as they travel the world in search of the perfect wave. West Africa, Australia, Tahiti—trust us, The Endless Summer is worth watching for its cinematography alone.  

No. 2: Moment Rooibos and Blood Orange Botanical Water

We’re suckers for standout packaging, and Moment’s can caught our eye right away. It contains all of the good (natural adaptogens) and none of the bad (no caffeine, added sugars, or artificial flavoring) with a refreshing flavor. 




No. 3: Organic Basics Organic Cotton Tee 

It’s uncommon to find us in a summer outfit that doesn’t consist of a simple tee and relaxed shorts. This crewneck is our current pick, because it’s made with 100% eco-certified cotton, ethically made in Portugal, and available via carbon neutral shipping. 

No. 4: Swimming Song by Kate & Anna McGarrigle  

This summer I did swan-dives / And jack-knives for you all / Did a cannon-ball.And once when you weren't looking / I did a cannon-ball. You’ll find these lyrics coming through our speakers almost every Saturday morning.  

No. 5: Ere Perez Beetroot Cheek & Lip Tint 

When it comes to makeup, it’s more of a “if we have time” sort of thing. That’s why we adore the simplicity of this 2-in-1 cheek and lip tint. Plus, it’s formulated with nourishing beetroot extracts and 100% clean.

No. 6: The Pebble Spotter’s Guide by Clive J. Mitchell

Our studio is tucked away in a small New England town right on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. Naturally, our shell and rock collection usually grows a little each year, but Mitchell’s book has turned casual strolls into treasure hunts. 


No. 7: RAEL MADE Triangle Cutting Board

If you haven’t noticed already, we’re really into wine. And of course, every bottle deserves a solid charcuterie board. This one has become our-go to whenever friends stop by, because it’s as practical as it is chic.  

No. 8: TWEE Numbers Sidewalk Chalk   

Between all of the Janes, there are six kids—and you know what that means…activities, activities, and more activities. Thankfully, TWEE’s numbers sidewalk chalk is both a learning and creative experience for the little ones. 

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