Just Starting Out? Try These 3 Marketing Tricks ASAP

Ask any entrepreneur, and they’ll tell you—a concept and a name doesn’t equal an overflowing inbox. In fact, no one’s going to discover your business until you start making marketing moves. Here are three tricks that help push our clients to success, time and time again. 

Understand who your consumer is

First thing’s first, you need to understand who your consumer is. That means identifying their age, gender identity, household income, and where they shop. Additionally, you should ask questions like: Is my consumer active on Instagram? Do they use Pinterest daily? It’s impossible to appeal to everyone right out of the gate, so by marketing heavily to a narrow segment, you can gain traction before you expand.

Create a strong brand strategy

After you determine who your consumer is, you need to create a strong brand strategy. First, observe your market and ask yourself: Who else is speaking to my consumers? What are they saying? How are they presenting themselves? Then move on to the most important question of them all: How can I stand out from the crowd? Coupling these points of differentiation with your company’s mission will help you create something people want to buy.

Develop your brand aesthetic and voice

A defined color palette, photography approach, and voice guide are some of the most important factors when it comes to establishing a memorable brand. And like everything else, they need ultra unique. If everyone in the market is using green, choose a different color. If all of your competitors are using the same words, try new ones. In the end, brand consistency will be the key to making yourself a household name. 

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