Meet CampJane

As a studio, we spend each day perfecting designs for others, so it’s only natural that we'd come up with a few (million) ideas of our own along the way. That’s where CampJane comes in. Starting today, our passion project has officially transformed into a soon-to-be full collection of signature products designed by us for you. And honestly, we couldn’t be more excited about it. 


Effortlessly cool and entirely retro-inspired. 


It’d be a lot cooler if you did.”


If you’re into us, you’re a Jane AKA less about the frills and more about the flow. 


We have a lot of projects in the works for 2020 (tarot decks and rolling papers, anyone?), but while you wait...

The Basic Sweatshirt

Let ‘em know you’re a plain Jane—and proud of it. 

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The 2020 Calendar 

Time allows growth to take shape.

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Now please excuse us while we continue to fill our sketchbooks with future merchandise and send Nico spinning on full blast. 

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