Q+A with Aja Amontea, Founder of Fig. A

In celebration of Fig. A’s two-year anniversary, we asked our client Aja Amontea a few questions about the evolution of her brand.  

What inspired you to create Fig. A?

    Having children and knowing that I never wanted to go back to working towards someone else’s vision is what originally inspired me to open my own business. I saw the opening of Fig. A as an opportunity to marry all the things I love: independent designers, jewelry, apothecary, and art, a gathering place for events and ideas, a way to connect with the community, a way to support causes close to my heart, and perhaps, a launching pad for future creative endeavors.

    How did branding play a role in bringing your business to life? 

      It was such a crucial part of launching the business. I knew I wanted a unique name but needed to find a designer who “got it” and helped convey, in a simple way, our whole vibe. I loved the JaneMade aesthetic from first discovery and working with Lindsay was a dream.

      You just celebrated your two-year anniversary—congratulations! How has your brand shifted over that time? 

        Thanks! While I am still carrying a couple of designers/brands that are somewhat of a household name, I am shifting to focus more on eco-conscious, independent designers. We are also expanding our jewelry and accessories offerings. 


        If you had to give a founder-in-the-making one piece of advice, what would it be?

          Just keep going. You will undoubtedly doubt yourself along the way, but just keep going. AND gather inspiration digitally, but disconnect from comparison scrolling. 

          What’s next for Fig. A? 

            I am working on a couple of collaborations that I am beyond excited about!
            Stay tuned :)

            Explore Aja’s shop at fig-a.com or @fig.a_shop on Instagram. 

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