The Making of JaneMade’s New Studio


When I moved out of my old house about a year ago, there was one room I was really sad to leave behind—my office. It had super bright windows, a huge desk, and the vibe was just right. Settling into our current home, my new favorite room was also the office, with its original paneled walls, a huge picture window looking out onto the street, built-in shelving, and an en-suite bathroom. However, it didn’t take me long to realize that its adjacency to my kids’ playroom was not conducive to a productive workday. 

At that point, my husband and I realized we needed to either build an addition or rent an office space. After a bit of debate, we both decided an addition would make the most sense. Admittedly, I’m too particular to find a place suited to my taste without sinking a ton of money into it, and I don’t like the thought of being out of the house for so long. We have a nanny who helps throughout the work week, but being available to my kids if and when they need anything just isn’t something I was willing to change.   

 Needless to say, our new studio is currently under construction. Natural light is my number one must-have, so even though the studio is only about 12' x 12’, it has eight huge Marvin windows built into three of the four walls. I work a lot, so it was crucial to me that nature is incorporated into the space as much as possible to suit my long days. In terms of decor, I’m going super simple (surprise, surprise) with a wooden L-shaped desk built into the walls for Lindsay, our Studio Manager and the one Jane who doesn’t work remotely, and myself.   Here’s a look at some of inspo I found while designing the space with our architect:

As soon as it’s finished, I’ll be back with photos. Be sure to follow @janemade_ for updates!

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