Top 3 Social Trends of 2019

Who knew we’d miss the days of the 140-character tweet? Simpler times. But rapidly evolving social media movements invite exciting new opportunities for audience engagement and expansion. Here’s how to focus your social strategy for success in the new year.

#1: Utilize the vertical video

In 2019, it’s all about visuals and video. If you’ve been shying away from stories, streaming, and IGTV, make it a resolution to try these tactics. Not only do they inspire brand trust (after all, there’s more room for error when you’re live), but they also provide a platform to tell your brand story. Use your paid dollars and targeted demographics to pop up in between stories and spread brand awareness. Pro tip: Keep these videos short (as in 30-seconds to one-minute short).

#2: Make real connections

Keep building that brand tribe. Focus on fewer, more targeted influencers to create long-term partnerships and relationships. And, don’t forget to tap into the micro-influencer if your budget is tight. Utilize Instagram polls to engage with your audience (and solve the questions you’ve been asking). What type of content do you want to see? What causes are important to you? Where do you shop regularly? Why? The quality of followers is much more important than the quantity.

#3: Keep up with emerging technologies 

From podcasts to smart speakers, there are so many new platforms for shared social settings. And while there’s no need to be everywhere at once, it’s smart to stay on the pulse of new opportunities for innovation and disruption.

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