Treat Yourself to These 5 Mother's Day Gifts

Treat Yourself to These 5 Mother's Day Gifts

Treat Yourself to These 5 Mother's Day Gifts

With two little ones (and another on the way), our Founder + Creative Director Lindsay is well-versed in the art of motherhood. Here are five gifts—from five of our favorite clients—she thinks all mamas should treat themselves to this Mother’s Day.

1. Classic Jogger by Mate the Label from Fig. A

“I LIVE in these sweatpants. They’re cute enough so I don’t feel like I’m in pajamas, but comfy enough so I can chase after the kids all day.”

2. Spanish Moss Candle by Blackjack Wax Co. from HausWitch

“I’ve made a habit of burning this candle almost every waking hour. It’s a simple way to make my home feel a little brighter and smell a whole lot nicer.”

3. Full Dae Set from Dae 

“These days, shower time is really the only alone time I get. Needless to say, this set has become my new favorite thing. It makes my hair shine like no other and smells amazing.”

4. The “Day at the Hamam” Cover from Hamam Mama  

“Swaddle, nursing cover, car seat cover, shawl—this handloomed Turkish towel does it all. I can’t wait to use it with my next little one.” 

5. Marigold Cheek + Lip Balm from by/rosie jane

“Quarantined or not, I don’t wear much makeup. Luckily, this balm makes it quick and easy to add a subtle glow to my complexion before an impromptu Zoom meeting.”

You deserve it is an understatement. 

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