Welcome, 2023

Buoyant with aspiration and promise, the forthcoming turn around the sun holds immense promise. Dive into this fresh air of opportunity with a clarity and connection offered from reflection with this selection of prompts for internal inquiry or to serve as a conversation starter to begin the year. Explore these as opportunities for fascination with the complex structures that exist within you, and in those around you, waiting to be uncovered. 

May this be a year of existing beyond the parts of ourselves that we already know, into those that are yet to be discovered. 

10 questions for self-study: 

  1. Nominate a subject of intrigue as a personal aimless investigation.
  2. Recognize a creative undertaking that you're inspired to pursue.
  3. Explore a way to cultivate a deeper connection with your immediate environment. 
  4. Calendar catalog: list a person, place, thing, and feeling that defines your time this year. 
  5. Single out one way you’ve felt limited. How could it be transformed into something of use?
  6. Declare one commitment to caring for your inner-self. 
  7. Clarify one thing so inspiring (big or seemingly small) that you wouldn’t mind devoting your entire self to making manifest this year.
  8. Forsaking some screen time, how can you invite a deeper attunement to the present? 
  9. Find a mistake resonant with an important lesson to be learned.
  10.  Locate the simplest source of continual joy.    

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