When Clients Come Together: Fig. A x Maker + Merchant

When it comes to Instagram, you never know who might be watching. In this case, it was Aja Amontea—founder of lifestyle boutique Fig. A and longtime client of JaneMade. She had stumbled upon our work with Maker + Merchant, an organic skincare line by Lauren Ernst, and instantly thought the brand would be the perfect addition to her shop.

Fast forward a few months later, and Fig. A is officially one of the first-ever retailers to carry Maker + Merchant.

“I’m so happy about this partnership. It really couldn't be a better fit for the brand, with our focus on female-led businesses, wellness, as well as sustainability,”
says Lauren.  


Here are three Maker + Merchant staples you’ll find at Fig. A: 


No. 1: Just Rose Hydrosol 

The ultimate refresher—all times of day. 


No. 2: Just Golden Jojoba Oil 

Get to know their best seller. 


No. 3: Just Our Favorite Oils Multipack

A little bit of this, a little bit of that. 


To purchase these products and more, visit Fig. A.

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