Who We Are

Founded by women for women, our team is proof that we practice what we preach. We thrive on empowering female entrepreneurs and building brands that make a difference for humankind, the planet, and the consumer. Driven by heart and thoughtful decisions, our team is always striving to create something beautiful, inside and out.

Lindsay Jane Kelly,
Founder + Creative Director

This is Lindsay.
Founder, Creative Director, and queen of moodboard Mondays.

Lindsay founded JaneMade on the belief that women can do it all. She specializes in brand development and website, print, and packaging design for brands and founders whose mission and values align with her own. Over the past 12+ years, Lindsay’s helped women-led startups find their voice and supported in-house creative teams on the launch of new products and initiatives. And she’s just getting started.

Kerri Moore,
Partner, Brand Strategy

This is Kerri.
Brand strategist, data nerd, and omni-channel maven.

Kerri met Lindsay over 10 years ago and they bonded over a similar mindset that authenticity and community reign supreme. She’s worked with fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands to build unique experiences consumers truly connect with. Kerri has a proven track-record of leading cross-channel strategies, a gift for bringing brand stories to life, and a passion for empowering women through the creative process.

Team Jane

Tipling Witsman, Development
Ashley Brooks, Design
Lindsay Graviet, Design
Brianna Lapolla, Copy
Kelly Hamilton, Copy