0-50 in 365 Guide to Business—outlining JaneMade’s growth from zero to 50 clients within the first year of business—is specifically written for creatives, new and seasoned, who want to see a bigger shift in their growth and client intake. It’s a resource that aims to help female founders realize the full potential of their business through an easy-to-follow month-by-month format. Want to know what it takes to become a well-oiled machine with a clear niche, steady workflow, and off-the-charts growth?

The first six “months” (i.e. sections) of the E-book cover everything from building a solid foundation and getting organized to finding your niche and refining your offerings. The last six months dive deeper into topics like process, content strategy, and marketing your business to attract the right work. Throughout the book, readers have access to mini exercises that help to encourage creativity along the journey.

89 pages
12 chapters
9 exercises (no, not the cardio kind)

Intro: How We Went From 0-50 Clients in Less Than One Year

Month 1: Build a Solid Foundation
Month 2: Get Organized
Month 3: Perfect Project Management (When You’re Not a Perfectionist)
Month 4: Get Into a Routine + Find Your Niche
Month 5: Refine Your Client Base + Grow Your Team
Month 6: Shift Your Offerings
Month 7: Reevaluate Your Process + Partnerships
Month 8: Build a Content Strategy
Month 9: Put Yourself out There
Month 10: Foster Client Relationships 
Month 11: Introduce a Referral Program
Month 12: Set Goals + Intentions for the Year Ahead